Tech N9ne lingo as Bianca means bitch, Beatrices for multiple bitches
Yo man you need to grab some fine ass beatrices for this party.
by Lucky the Juggalo December 17, 2007
(verb) to punch a guys balls unpredictably. it is very random and people usually have no reason for it.
oh god she just pulled a beatrice on you!
by kaia52596 January 11, 2011
bet rice meaning ugly, stupid or sweaty. along them general lines. It is indeed pretty much an insult.
eg1. the morning after the party, amy was feeling pretty beat rice.

eg2. "urgh. amy you need a shower you are looking beat rice today".

eg3."shut up you beat rice"
by amy mahon May 04, 2008
The plural form of Bianca.
See: Bianca
Beatrices, means more than one bianca they actresses
Bring'em sex toys and guanjah we activist, ain't
No yes boys we monsters and macks at this, bring your
Best noise we conquer

Bianca's & Beatrice's - Tech N9NE
by DWoody November 18, 2007
Another word for "bitch."
"Get me that hot sauce Beatrice.!"
by Buzz Zavoluk April 23, 2007
when something goes wrong and other words can't define it. (place of origin Kitchner/Waterloo)
eg. Bong Breaks and nothing else to use.
eg 2. You forget something that is primary to what you are doing.
by KWC March 05, 2005

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