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The condition of someone where the person can recall long-term facts such as exact dates/times of events but cannot recall any basic information from the previous few days/weeks. Can include inability to do certain 'common-sense' everyday functions such as remembering to lock/close doors, reply to emails/texts, turn up to meetings at certain times etc.. Also may affect social etiquette patterns, for example the person may be selfish, unpunctual and can only see things from their own point of view with the inability to see it from others.
Graeme: Where's Callum?
Craig: I don't know - he knows he's meeting us here right?
Graeme: Yeah, he knows. He won the regional Mastermind last night don't you know?
Craig: Good for him, shame he forgets to turn up on f*cking time! ...Again! Classic case of Beat-Brain, I'm telling you!
by dakenfit August 11, 2011
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