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Where two couples compete to see how fast the girl can get the guy to cum.
Two couples were competing for a prize. The younger couple lost when it took the girl 3 minutes to get her guy to cum while the older girl only took 2:45 to get her guy to cum and she beat the clock
by barefootboy November 23, 2008
"beat the clock" is when u're outside home....and u really need to take a dump.thus u start running fuckin fast cause u definitely need a bathroom(i prefer running home,in that case it's true the saying "HOME SWEET HOME :) ) trying to be there before it'll be too late....oh yeah belive me u'll run!!!!!

like in the movie FORREST GUMP....he started running cause he had to beat the clock.....RUN BITCH RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

by GIO-ita January 21, 2007
The act of seeing a Girls Gone Wild commercial come on the TV, preceding to gain erection, and reaching ejaculation prior to the end of the commercial.
Last night I couldn't sleep so I was watching TV and a new GGW commercial came on, I beat the clock.
by fuck-cowbell-more-tits March 22, 2011
when having sex bareback you try to hold off as long as possible before cumming inside someone because the pleasure is so good.then you pull out and shoot your load! If you cum inside you win,if you cum insdie she loses and if you pull out in time then you beat the clock
I was with my girlfriend and I tried my best to "beat the clock" unfortunately I couldn't
by Brad-Appeal January 24, 2009
A horrific "game," where participants (typically adolescents with permanent erections and nothing better to do) sit together (often in formation around a focus, say a tv or computer screen) watching porn, and masturbating furiously. The criteria for "winning"/losing vary from game to game, but there can be unpleasant consequences for he who shoots before/after everyone else. Most often, however, whoever fails to shoot before the allotted time has elapsed is said to have lost.

See: bukkake
M: Heard things got pretty wild the other night, what happened?
H: They were playing beat the clock..
M: Seriously? That's really nasty.
H: Haha yeah, isn't it?
M: *sigh* .. The inhumanity..
by dontgetavisual March 27, 2005
engaging in sexual intercourse for a period of time, then promptly slashing her throat while attempting to ejaculate before her heart stops. remember..youre not a necrophiliac if you finish before her heart ceases to beat.
last night jen and i played beat the clock. she was not a big fan...
by University of Memphis FUCK YEA September 04, 2008
Beat the clock is a great, although difficult game to play. When fucking a girl from behind, you pull out a knife and stab the girl. You then have to fuck her hard enough to "beat the clock" and cum before she dies.
I was playing beat the clock with some whore last night but she died before I could nut. Now I've got mad blue balls.
by Lil Tigger June 21, 2005
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