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1. The opposite of cool beans; something that is shitty.
2. A person who is boring or annoying, or who generally sucks.

Can be used interchangeably in forms such as: beat nut, beat nutter, beat fucking nuts
Beat nuts! the feuer broke!

myles is a beat nut

what a beat nutter, he won't throw down for buddha
by bumpea April 28, 2010
Its a fatass kid that sounds like a bitch!
Wow that kid shawn is a beatnut to the max!
by liam jeffries September 17, 2006
A dewshbag. A fattass. That sounds like a bitch.
That kid shawn Martin is a beatnut to the max.
by steve. pert. lool November 28, 2007
This is a girl who is good for nothing but sex, you beat and nut thats all...
Hey man dont try and rap too that girl she aint nothing but a beatnut so do what you gotta do and let's be out...
by mrgreen3054 October 27, 2006