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A cool Japanese band that did a couple songs for the anime beck. They are usually seen wearing digitized drawings of themselves as masks. They have a sense of humor. Their videos tend to be funny. If you're sick of visual kei type jrock check them out. They have fun upbeat tunes that have a bit of a popish feel without being pop.
They have an American release out called All You Can Eat.
The band consist of:
Vocal/Guitar: Hidaka
Bass: Umu
Drums: Araki
Keyboard: Thai
I had Hit in America by the Beat Crusaders stuck in my head all day.

The video for Feel was hilarious.
by Emi January 25, 2006
A japanese pop punk band. Unlike most bands they sing about 98% of there songs in english. Wroth a listen to if you wanna listen to something new
I got Beat Crusaders new album POPDOD yesterday!! woot
by Toilet man September 27, 2008
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