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A usually cheap, sometimes modified vehicle, usually a Off-Roading Vehicle that can be driven recklessly to death, with the driver able to enjoy him/herself without worrying to much about damaging the vehicle except when he or she buggers the vehicle beyond repair and will need a ride home.

These vehicles can usually tend to be easily purchaseable after damaging the last one and can tend to be a good vehicle.

Some Japanese Diesal 4WD's love to be flogged and make a good trust-worthy little car, yet can easily be dented without remorse.
Onlooker- "Jesus Christ!, You completely make a pig sty of that little Isuzu!"

Driver- " No Worries, It was just a lil' beat about I purchased for 1'500 dollars just a week ago.
by Muttl-E July 26, 2009
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