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A girl who doesn't go along with Tits or GTFO, ever, despite the fact that she's on the internets. She completely disregards the rules of the internets set forth by it's founding fathers, George Washington and Samuel L. Jackson.

A bearhead is the cancer that is Rules 1 and 2. Usually she's too cute for the newfags to lecture on the rules, because she has "vampire red" hair or foxtail highlights or some shit. Essentially, she is a honey badger.
That camgirl is such a bearhead.


Hi, I'm Dodger and this is my show!
by SupercalifragilisticexpiDodger January 07, 2013
To say there are many people (non gender specific) in a certain area or place

Bear as in the animal
Heads as in well.... Heads
"There is bear heads at this party"
Which translates to "there are lots of people ar this party
by Skapunkmonk September 19, 2004
the way my girlfriends hair looks when she wakes up in the AM.
"Wow Bearhead, you slept good huh!?"
by Tommy Oyeah February 28, 2008
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