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A mid-week wassail wherein the following rules must be adhered to:

Rule #1
Be Late.

Rule #2.
The ratio is 18:72

Rule #3
No women. Even women with fake beards or those with the ability to grow facial hair. See Rule 4

Rule #4
Fake beards do not count.

Rule #5
The Hesitation Rule: If asked if you want to order more beer, if you hisitate, you just ordered more beer. (PBR)

Rule #5
Must be an apolitical group

Rule #6
We got Rules!

Rule #7
Dues are $20 (drink and eat all you want)

Rule #8
Law and Order is banned from all households and gatherings (for the "Down Low Episode")

Rule #9
Possess mysterious powers

Rule #10
No shop or sports talk.

Addendums and additions welcomed.
W: "Honey why don't you stay here and help me watch the kids?"
M: "Can't... gotta go to Beard Club."
by F'in Moon Club July 20, 2006
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