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A magical bucket filled with steak juice and other highly smelly foods falls from the sky onto you.
Shortly after a pack of 40 bears consisting of 15 polar bears, 15 grizzly bears, and 10 Care bears Come from any random shadow in the area and persist to maul you untill you are a bloody mess on the floor.

Seen most often during a Puggle Stomp. If your in the process of being puggle stomped there is no way to escape the Bear Pack that follows.

Another specific way to be 'Bear Packed' is to come home from a long days work, Open your garage, only to find Bear Pack in your garage waiting for you.


Not to be confused with:

*Wolf Pack
*Pack of Bears
Most Frequently:
"Well I WAS Puggle Stomping that bitch Till the Bear Pack Showed up and took over." Said Matt sadly.

"Holy Shit What is with this Bear Pack in my Garage?!?" Screamed Tyler.
by Tyler 'Newb' B. May 15, 2008

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