Beanpods, legume favoured in humour by irc freaks. Often drawn in ms paint by stalkerish metal fans.
"Fair enough"
"And lots more!"
by Deth October 06, 2006
Top Definition
Beanpod, a green, blob/banana shape, mainly only commen around freaks on irc
Gohla is a beanpod
I R an intellgiant beanpod
by Drelin November 20, 2004
A Mexican, Central American, Hispanic, etc. female who is pregnant. Mexicans are often referred to as "beaners" (because they eat beans and tortillas) and "pod" refers to the fact that the woman is pregnant (pea pod).
Immigration caught 15 illegals outside of El Paso, with several of the women being bean-pods.
by Mike49677 February 21, 2010
a sad excuse for a man
"that asshole is such a beanpod"
by vingtetunvingtdeux September 16, 2009
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