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Beanie Boy

A class of LA 20 / 30 year old males who have absolutely nothing going on. In response to this problem, they wear knit wool beanies, and half beards and hope this will distract people from the obvious which is they have absolutely nothing going on. This class of LA male twits is distinct from the related neo Rat Packer who wear a Rat Pack chapeau, and the garden variety Douche Bag.
Why do those guys have wool hats on at the beach in the summer ? Oh.... they are beanie boys. They have absolutely nothing going on.
by JohnnyCanuck2 June 13, 2009
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A common name for a person who still has their foreskin.
"Tyler is a Beanie Boy"
"You rancid smegma producing Beanie Boy"
by Xaypock March 24, 2003
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