One who smokes the prescription drug Oxycontin (a.k.a. DaBean) off da foil, preferably Reynolds Wrap.

Erik Van Bean Head just toked enough 80mg Oxycontin off da foilee to put him into a nod. Jacob P. Bean Head must have loaned out his credit card again!
by Da bean cyan dun ! July 10, 2008
A physical trait most commonly exhibited by pretty girls and ugly men, wherin noticing the high hairline and protrusion of a person's often concealed forehead leads to a comparison between their head and a bean.

The varying degrees of The Bean Head are measured on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is the faintly noticable bean and 7 is the rarely bestown 'Premium Bean Head.'
"I was watching House the other day and I noticed Olivia Wilde has a Bean Head!"

"Is she Premium?"

"Nah, a 5... maybe a 6."
by Fatbaz December 29, 2011
a beanhead is a head with sticks out at the back alot like an alien head
its like a deformed ballon thats a beanhead
by adam morton December 11, 2005
Someone with an abnormally small skull
Omg did you just see Lizzimore, hes such a beanhead
by beefauio November 11, 2009
1) A heroin addict; someone who uses heroin beans regularly or habitually
I would've never thought you were a beanhead.
by HisWarkness October 23, 2008
One who consumes vast amounts of exstacy aka "beans."
Dude, that kid is a major bean head. He's spun.
by Axelroth June 12, 2005
A large bean shaped head exceeding 3ft tall
Tom Edmondson in S10 has a massive bean head
by Ben-jamin July 11, 2003

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