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Named after the Muppet character Beaker, a Beaker Moment is a series of actions that a normally level headed individual will exhibit when reaching a heightened level of stress or agitation without being able to constructively control the outburst or by failing to seek assistance in dealing with an increasingly convoluted situation.

The end result can encompass adverse, out-of-character, uncontrolled outburst in the form of incoherent mutterings and sounds, accompanied by aggressive, multi-directional emails that incite and spin up other parties often spurring on inquisitive looks and head scratchings.

Ultimately a very uncharacteristic outburst of outright frustration, paranoia, and severe agitation.
"Joe, I need you to help Ryan control his outbursts. He got overwhelmed in a production meeting and had a Beaker Moment that got everyone's attention."
by HSecurity February 03, 2010
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