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A shot you order at a bar consisting of 1 part Bacardi Limon, 1 part red bull and a splash of grenadine. Tastes just like bazooka joe bubble gum
A bartender let me get another round of bazooka joes son!!
by Handsome Kev August 15, 2006
Sexual act which may occur after blowing a load into the ass of another individual. Said individual would perform a bazooka joe if he/she slow farted and blew a bubble of jizz into the face of it's original owner.
Sherly bazooka joed me last night when I fell asleep!
by Max February 25, 2005
The phrase sometimes yelled by a male during a sexual act where he is ejaculates onto the female's chest.

Furthermore: the stated male should be called Bazooka Joe for the remainder of his life
Sally: hey Denise! how was your night last night?
Denise: preety good, except for one thing...
Sally: what was it?
Denise: well this guy yelled BAZOOKA JOE! when he came on my chest
Sally: Cool!
by SJ Smith March 02, 2008
When a guy ejaculates waaayyyy too early... before he even lays his hands on the girl
She was looking fine, and then BOOM, Bazooka Joe, he finished before they even started
by onthisday December 20, 2004
A facial, busting a nut on a girl's face
I gave that slutty girl the ole Bazooka Joe last night.
by JW and D Smith July 28, 2005
To blow your wad prematurely
He got all excited and then bam - it was Bazooka Joe all over the place.
by Superswank February 10, 2004
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