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1.A state of being that is very wild and crazy most things said by the person in this state dont make sense. This person may look intoxicated but is just being a baye.

2. asking for random change for the vending machine because a baye never actually has enough money and will always ask you for some change.
1. "dude your being a total Baye right now, you should calm down a little."

2. "dude stop asking me for change your being such a baye."
by shaggyboy420 January 20, 2012
A term or nickname used to call a lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any significant other.
Most commonly used in long-term relationships.
Your "only one".
Also spelled bae.
"I miss you baye."
by K. Weezy May 12, 2009
Another word for "Stupid Monkey"
Kenny: "Did you do the math homework?"
Gursh: "No LOL! Who do you think I am? A Baye?"
Baye: "You guys are all stupid monkeys"
by hikenny December 08, 2010
One who sucks at life
God u almost suck as much as bayes, but not more cuz thats impossible
by none666 May 21, 2008