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A small ass city in Michigan. Two hours away from Detroit. Where all there is to do there is get high and watch the pistons and the sorry ass Lions play. It also is known for Ceral. (Battle Creek is where most of your ceral, anything Kellogg or Post it comes from Battle Creek.) They are also known for The Worlds Longest Breakfest Table. Two words for ya FREE FOOD!!!!! Anyway its about 27% black,49% white,14% hispanic and 10% other. Its really a fucked up place!!!
TANYA: Gina lets stop in Battle Creek on our way to Detroit so i can say hi to my mother.

GINA: Is the Breakfest Table going on?

TANYA: I dont think so.

by Brezzybaby August 03, 2006
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Many of the local youth complain that there isn't much to do, but that's because they've seemed to have forgotten about the: three movie theaters; ice rink; water park; Beckley road franchise restaurants; shopping mall; downtown boutiques and local restaurants; local lakes and beaches; local parks; Leila Arboretum; etc.
The local youth may complain that Battle Creek is dull, but this is usually the case with any restless teenager in a small city such as Battle Creek, Jackson, etc.
Bri: There's like, literally nothing to do in Battle Creek. I hate it here. I want to move away forever and like live in Los Angeles or Chicago or New York City or something.

Matt: Do you want to go to the ice rink?

Bri: No.

Matt: See a movie?

Bri: No.

Matt: Eat at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Bri: No.

Matt: Go to the beach?

Bri: No.

Matt: Go to the mall?

Bri: No.

Matt: Well shit, maybe you should just move the fuck away so everyone else here can have a chance at happiness!
by igpayatinlay January 11, 2013
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