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A brand new revolution is coming for colleges all around the world that will bring happiness and competition to all. The game is called BATTLE CAPS. Simmiliar to the hit classic BASEketball, the game revolves around a simple idea.

To complete the 5 stages and have the most points at the end of the 5 stages. (65 Points Total)

The begin, flip the cap on a bottle of soda, the top is heads and the bottom ( area with hole) is tails.

Player starts behind the marker, usually the bottled beverage. The player places the goal, usually a small empty bag of chips or something of that nature, The player puts the cap on its side, puts their finger on top of it, and generates pressure to wheel it into the goal. Each stage gets farther and farther away from the marker.

Point System:
2 points for each goal made
1 point for each goal where the cap goes in and comes out
Stage 5: 2 points plus bomus:
1st Time Making it- 3 points
2nd Time Making it- 2 points
3rd Time Making it- 1 point

When playing, if the person misses the goal, its one strike.
Miss it again, two strikes.
Miss it again, the player is out. Next Persons turn.

If tie:
Goal is put at Stage 5 first person to make it in the goal wins.

Psyche outs are allowed, but no contact with the person, or the objects being used.
Battle Caps is the next generation of hacky sack!
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