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Batroun is the latest Drinking Game for those nights when you don't want to drink. Its Beer Pong without the Beer
Bro 1: Hey Bro, lets play beirut.
Bro 2: nah bro, national laws and regulations restrict the consumption of alocoholic beverages for people under 21.
Bro 1:Aiite lets play batroun.
Bro 2:O yeah batroun, its beerpong except without the beer.
by Moto of SCU February 26, 2008
A city in lebanon (middle east)well known for its amazing nightlife..
if you walk in batroun u can see nothing but nightclubs and bars full with people partying and dancing!
Candice: I was in batroun last friday we partied till dawn and then had a Knefeh breakfast in the morning on our way home.
Jeff : Man!! i wish i was wih u i heard that its the best nightlife in the world!
by Marco-AntFX May 11, 2009