A child that likes to make your bed rock, kick billy-goats, and devour turkey heads. They are known for being very obnoxious and like to smoke soccer balls after biology class because frogs make them horny. Cookies make them grin and they like to color pictures of Hitler. They originate from the inner jungles of inner Iran. they eat asians for breakfast, cheetahs for lunch, and baby heads for dinner.
Julio-Ricardo Montez: "Oh, that's just my friendly neighborhood Batko."
Pierre: "Friendly my left butt-cheek!"
by ilikepooping787 October 04, 2010
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To get excessively drunk and/or sloppy; a messy night.
Man I totally pulled a batko last night when I banged that landbeast.

Last night was totally batko.
by gbpack August 16, 2009
A mysterious mythical creature that sucks the fluids out of other living creatures, normally found around Albania. They smell foul and can normally be recognized by their large mid section, pink and green fur and scary scowl.
That Batko sucked the life out of me lastnight!
Did you see the craters on that batko?
by Amathias July 27, 2009

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