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Bates College is an elite liberal arts school located in Southern Maine. It's student population tends to be very outdoorsy, athletic, friendly and academically focused. Batesies have many great traditions and know how to have fun!!
You didnt want to be an elitest at Bowdoin or go to boondocks of attend the best Maine school- Bates College!
by awesome1234bates March 02, 2010
Traditionally teased as being the weakest of the Maine schools, Bates has a real crunchy/ social consciousness /outdoorsy vibe not found at Colby and Bowdoin.
So, dude, you didnt get into Bowdoin? Forget those elitist creeps! You can work with Sommali refugees and wear your Berks at Bates College
by ctdoc October 11, 2009

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