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Spanking one out, while hanging your feet over the door ie upside down. take and orange or in extreme bat wank situations a lemon and bite down,

The key is to shoot your beans before you pass out, warning a crashmat or mattressmight be advisable in extreme bat wank situations
I shot my beans against the HD plasma as i was bat wanking to trisha because she looked so real.

I hurt my head after passing out in an extreme "Bat Wank"
by Furness Killer January 20, 2009
position in which the female hangs from the posts of a four-poster bed, reconstructing the mating rituals of the bat. males then form an orderly que under her, and she proceeds to blow and wank off each male in turn, moving along the line as she goes. this is representative of the motion in a commercial warehouse. a quick way to please a large number of men.
girl: ''i bat wanked 23 guys in 45 minutes last night, that must be a world record. on the downside, my hands are raw, my mouth is dry and my legs have seized up in the hanging position''
by LOLA&SAMMIE July 07, 2009