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A bass head is someone who enjoys an excessive amount of bass in music. A bass head can usually be identified as a person who installs many large subwoofers into their car, which in turn, can produce enough bass to damage ear drums.
Cover your ears, it's Ian the bass head rolling down the street!
by Analog Kid September 12, 2005
A man who loves to listen to the jungle or drum & bass music or possibly any other genre with strong bass.
I'm teh real basshead! tech itch r0x!
by gctechs December 02, 2004
A song by the electronic music artist Bassnectar on his Timestretch album.
1. Wow listen to those badass beats!

2. That's Bassnectar's song Bass Head.
#bassnectar #electronic music #basshead #base head #timestretch
by RaisinO May 23, 2010
A person who uses crack. Or some one who has ruined there life by crack.
"Man you a bass head."
by King ICE July 24, 2005
(n.) 1)A person who has a SERIOUS addiction to excessive levels of music in the 20-100hz range while seated in there ride.
2) One who prefers the attention and pleasure of 130+dB bass inside there ride over the benift of still having working ears beyond the age of 35.
Yo, look at that cracka BassHead with his 4 dub7's in that civic.
by Cassetti April 14, 2004
the die-hard fans and followers of Bassnectar.
Of course i did! im a Basshead and i cant get enough of that WOMP! id follow him to the ends of the earth!
#bassnectar #bass #basshead #bass head #basshed
by candygirl24 July 05, 2011
a crack fiend
Lay off the rock, basshead
by pimpinNpatterin May 04, 2003
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