being fukin high ass fuck off marijuana
im sooooooo based right now biotch
by StayhighHitter November 23, 2010
To get Based means to get bashed (or dropped)
he just got based!


I'll Base you!
by ashATTACK! June 02, 2009
1. When someone is openly gay and proud of their sexuality.

2. When one rants nonsensically and attributes the homoerotic things they say to a new style they invented.
1. "I'm the based god, i'm a pretty bitch and i'll fuck a faggot dyke nigga."

1. "Man, I wish the based god would do me in the butt with his raw swag"

2. "I'll fuck her ass and then I'll fuck her tits and then I'll fuck her face and then I'll suck her dick."

"Yo man that shit is gay"

"Nah, bruh. This shit is Based!"
by JamesPerson December 05, 2010
A term for young, usually black, in the closet gay males who want to express their inner femininity whilst still being considered straight.
Person 1: Damn dude, fluffy boots, skinny jeans AND a pink beater? u gay..

Based Guy: Fuck you I ain't gay I'm BASED!
by dblockindabuildin January 15, 2011
In the event of giving head, the reaching if the lips to the base of the penis.
Bruh you can hit, she based the whole squad last week..... WHORE Head deep throat neck
by Shortfatadam June 30, 2016
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