A 'barried' car is a car which has been pointlessly modified; i.e. the only changes are visual, there's no performance increase. Barry tends to target pov cars with tiny engines such as Corsas/Puntos, he'll adorn them with cheap hideous and badly fitting after-market body kits, baked bean can 'zorsts, fake BMW M3 mirrors, Lexus-style lights, Meccano spoilers, bargain bin alloys from Halfrauds, subwoofers, etc. The copious amounts of filler plastered over the cracks is also a dead giveaway.
That poor Saxo's been barried to death.
by ast0n July 25, 2006
Top Definition
When one bypasses first base, going straight to second.

AKA Taking a girl off the market for his friends without actually getting with her.
Dude, I can't believe he barried that girl. What a douche.
by Teal Avenger May 12, 2011
when you are so drunk beyond belief there is no other word to describe it
Person 1: were you drunk last night

Person 2: yeah man i was totally Barried. I fell asleep in the pub!
by bolton86 March 10, 2010
From the verb "to barry"

To chuck up
To vomit
To empty one's bowels from the mouth
I've gone and barried all over the floor
I think I'm going to barry.
This place stinks of barry.
by Chris January 01, 2005
Having someone take away something of value (i.e., money) from you after you earn it through hard work and dedication, only to give it to those who don't deserve it (i.e., CEO's that ran businesses into the ground, those who refuse to work, those who couldn't afford their mortgage in the first place). (Synonym: Obamad, Obamacied, Obamacized)
"Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank barried us through the non-stimulus massive spending plan.", "We are all going to suffer if the Democrats keep barrying our tax dollars.", "Why did you barry my money to those ghetto drug-addicts?"
by BOHICA'd August 29, 2009
To juke da shit outta somebody
He barried yo ass
by DeWhy September 01, 2008
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