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Well known Australian WSJ commentator on any/everything having to do with the 'climate change/global warming' hoax. Apparent recipient of government and UN funding, thus having a vested interest in the subject.

Self-described expert.

Generally considered to be an obnoxious blowhard who resorts to ad hominem attacks against those who disagree with him. Given to the wildest extremes of hyperbole.
Barrie Harrop:

"of all my postings rarely called any one a fool, you are one of the exceptions, America can be a strange place and hallucinogenic place, full of conspiracy theory but you take the cake you are one of the weirdest poster so far I have read ,expect certifiable."

"WSJ on this forum with a hornets nest-do-nothing skeptics, deniers and a wagon load of conspiracy theorists. I am dismayed by the level of idiocy in many of these WSJ postings - clearly the sceptics are reaching peak furore status! "

"Now climate change denial is a psychological condition"

"Stuart, dont sonny boy me you utter fool, post your LinkedIn so we can all read about your substance (if any). You sound like another graduate from the Leona Hemsley school of manners all loud words and elbows."
by WaltzinMatilda January 28, 2010

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