A slut of a women who's been around.

A women who would have anyone.
ughh, what a bargain bucket she is. She's had everyone
by ourkid1984 April 16, 2008
Top Definition
A Term used to describe someone who is very slutty, cheap and possesses a large Vagina.
Last Night I had sex with Charlotte, she was easy to get into bed, and had a Bargain Bucket.
by Fortehfuckin'lolz September 30, 2010
A totally unorthadox move best practised in KFC, usually performed by a "slutty" person. Is also referred to the genitalia of an unsavoury person - note the "bargain", implying that the foresaid person is cheap.
1. "Paris Hilton - oh my god, she is SUCH a bargain bucket."
2. "Paris Hilton - oh my god, have you SEEN her bargain bucket?"
3. "Paris Hilton gave me a bargain bucket last night. It was awesome!"
by Jen der Bende March 26, 2007
a reference to a fat woman therefore getting more for your money in the bedroom.
check out that fatty shes certainly got a bargain bucket.
by KrK August 06, 2008
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