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A small town near Akron, Ohio, that modeled itself after rural Kentucky. Claims to have more toothless women and in-bred dumb-fucks, than any place on Earth. (trailer park central)
AKA, Barbertucky
The chicken sucks
Average level of education: 6th grade.
Whew! This place smells like Barberton.
by skinser May 04, 2004
the armpit of summit county.
Y'know anybody from barberton?

Barberton sucks.
by mickey l brown January 30, 2008
A small town with one high school and one middle school.
Average IQ: 9.
Was declared to have the "Best Chicken in America."
The chicken there sucks.
AKA: Barbertucky.
Dude, these kids sound like Barberton-ians.
by InnocentBystander13 April 17, 2011
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