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The slogans

'all day i dream about soccer'
'all day i dream about sports'
'all day i dream about sport'

1981-2005 were created by Barbara Gauss, Germany.

In her eBOOK 'all day i dream about sport' she talks about her life, the way she grew up, the dreams she had as a child and young grown up and the struggle she is going thru today, while defending her rights as a trademark owner, creator and sole owner of the intellectual property worldwide of the slogans as mentioned above.

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In my heart the memories of my blissful childhood live on.

'all day(s) I dream about sport(s)' is what ment everything to me when I was small and is what I feel, if I had to describe my childhood.

'all day i dream about soccer TM'
'all day(s) i dream about sport(s) TM'
intellectual property 1981-2005 by Barbara Gauss, Germany
by Barbara Gauss October 29, 2005
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