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A SENATOR (and don't you forget it) from California whose ego is as large as the deficit that State currently faces.

Recently made a total ass of herself when she tried to belittle a member of the armed forces who dared to call her "ma'm" (which military personnel are trained to do by the way). As if being called ma'm would make her any more or less of a senator.

STD carrying man whore: Oh Barbara!

Barbara Boxer: Hey, hey, hey! You call me SENATOR, ya' got that?
by RaptorJesus720 June 20, 2009
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A radical extremist hardcore "falling of the left side of the Earth" liberal senator from California. Defends the rights of mass murderers to live while campaigning for legalized baby-killing. Is rude and antagonistic to appointees (like Condoleeza Rice). Has no knowledge of the Constitution (thinks abortion is a right specifically protected when it's not, and the right to bear arms isn't listed- when it is!). She has been openly hostile to religion multiple times.
Barbara Boxer is the worst seantor currently serving.
by Watchdog March 07, 2005
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