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b. December 12, 1915. Played June Cleaver on _Leave it to Beaver_ (1957-1963). Had trouble finding work after the show was cancelled due to typecasting, but this worked to her advantage for the producers of the 1980 comedy movie _Airplane!_. Seeing the actress best known for playing the squeaky-clean Mrs. Cleaver speaking "jive" had audiences laughing until they couldn't breathe.
"Barbara Billingsley is still alive? Whoa. . ."
by Gahmuret July 09, 2006
A white person trying to talk 70's jive. Derived from the movie Airplane!
Chump don't want no hep, Chump don't get de hep. Jive ass fool ain't got no brains anyhow.
by deathinahole June 06, 2003