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Someone who is obssesed with the idea of Barack Obama being president.

Anyone who cares enough about their democratic political beliefs to wear cheesie Barack Obama t-shirt or plaster it on the back of their of their Subaru.
Venise is a total barackaholic with her barack watch, barack chain, barack hat, barack t-shirt and her "hope and change" tatoo.
by MrNiceGuy01 November 25, 2008
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Democrats that are completely, utterly, insanely, over the top, beyond repair,uncomprehendably, uncontrollably obssesed with President Barack Obama that they just can't get enough of him.
Joe: Hey Jim, see that girl over there in a Barack Obama hat, shirt, scarf, wristband and watch?
Jim: Yeah.
Joe: She's a total barack-a-holic.
Jim: That's hot.
by poppyhadagoat2 March 04, 2009
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