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When either John McCain or Hillary Clinton are giving a speech and Barack Obama has a speech at the same time, and the news networks shift their coverage to Barack Obama.
Bryan: "Did you see the speeches that Hillary Clinton and John McCain gave yesterday?"
Eric: "Naw man, I saw the first five minutes of them, but then Obama had something to say, and the news networks realized that people actually care about what Obama has to say, so they shifted their coverage to Obama's speech, even Fox News."
Bryan: "Wow, even Fox News took their right wing eyes off of McCain to show Obama?"
Eric: "Haha yeah."
Bryan: "Hahahaha, they got Barack blocked."
by TH3 L33T ON3 April 05, 2008
When an election is called so swiftly and decidedly that Election Day parties end early, prematurely stopping any potential hook-ups.

See: cock blocked
"Where's Kelly? I thought you two were hitting it off."
"She left soon as CNN called it for Obama; I got barack-blocked."
by bluejuh November 06, 2008

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