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A wagon, inside which banter will occur.
All aboard the Banterwagon, BANTER BANTER BANTER
by toplad January 12, 2013
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syn. Band wagon

a band wagon with added banter.
'oi lads, lets hop on this banter wagon to the pub'

'wha-gwan rude boy, last night i was driving the banter wagon all round the city'
by Gravvers March 04, 2009
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Another term for a bus, used mainly when returning from the pub/parties.

Can also be used to describe a hot new ride.
1) "The wheels on the Banter-wagon go round and round..."

2) "We run 'em over in our Banter-wagon!"

3) "Going cruising in the Banter-wagon then?
by KingFreshie January 30, 2011
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