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The bank shot is a sexual maneuver(variant of the money shot) in which a man jizms into his sexual partners mouth so hard that it banks off the back of her throat directly into her stomach.
"Ooooh here it comes baby...(bankshot occurs), Ooooh yeah, Put that money in the bank bitch!"
by CWgh June 10, 2005
When a man blows his load on a females forehead to the point it runs behind her glasses.
Hey Paul see the fat bitch with glasses she's totaly worthy of a Bankshot.
by Stuffin muff January 25, 2016
A terd that "dings" off of the back of a dudes ballsac while taking a shit.
Brian - "After taking a shit I had to wipe the shit off the back of my nuts due to the bankshot."
by VDubb February 01, 2009
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