"We won the stanley cup!!!! Has any other team ever won it in their first 5 years of existence??"
"Dude the pens have been around since the 60s you bandwagon fan."

(about 30 years from now) "He is such a bandwagon fan, he has never been to a pirates game in his life but not that they are in the World Series he acts like he has followed them his entire life"
by a real fan June 21, 2009
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A person who becomes a fan of a sports team after they win a Championship/Title.
Guy 1: DUDE, if the Celtics win on 2010, i'm going to buy some stickers, a hat, and a jersey

Guy 2: Your such a bandwagon fan, you don't even like Boston teams??

Guy 1:No... not if they win though.
by zomgzors June 14, 2010
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Someone who has no reason to be a fan of a sports team yet cheers for them anyways just because said team wins.

Also see Carl Guidry.
Carl Guidry is not a real Yankees Fan, he is a bandwagon fan and full of fail!
by Spyder85914 November 14, 2010
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people who are fans of a team that the entire country feels bad for because they represent a city that is the nastiest piece of shit place in the whole world... was never a fan until 2009 and pretends to know everything about the team...think that they are the original black and gold.... always in denial about how good or bad their team really is ... they only thing they have considering where they live.. won one superbowl and think they rule the nfl... if you don't like their team, they will shoot you... if ur team is better and has a bigger following, they will shoot you... SAINTS FANS
saints fan " we re the best fuckin team in nfl history!... we better than ere'body... who dat nation!"

steelers fan laughs uncontrollably, walks away before the saints fan realizes that he is being laughed at, and draws a gun and shoots the steelers fan.

just find a saints fan, and lo and behold, you will have found a perfect example of a BANDWAGON FAN
by pittsburghgurl October 23, 2011
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The true meaning of being a bandwagon fan is liking a team because of a new player they just acquired, Evan tho you did not like that team before
Bandwagon fan
(ChrisMix909) " Man I like the nets, but I heard lebron James is going to Miami, I will now become a heat fan and act like I always liked them"
(AdamMix909) "Reggie miller is great, I love the pacers, but Lebron James is going to Miami, I will now become a heat fan, and act like I always liked them"
by truesports June 10, 2014
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Trevor Gorman.

Trevor Gorman: Everytime the hawks have a good season, I dislike them more. Why, you ask? Because more bandwagon, fairweather fans appear. Some of you are real fans and I support that. The rest of you are pathetic and annoying.

Lora Metcalf: Bandwagon definition: A party, cause, movement, etc., that by mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers. Hmmm… Please tell me about some of your favorite football teams. Chicago Bears, huh? Have you even been to Chicago? Maybe you had a Chicago deep-dish pizza? Does that count?… Oh yes, don't forget the Oregon Ducks. I bet you don't like them because they are a national powerhouse. It must be because you love the city of Eugene, and the amazing campus that you've never set foot on. Perhaps you just REALLY like mallards? They are pretty cute, huh?

Why get so upset when Seattle fans have a rightful reason to celebrate? Does it make you mad when people in Western WA talk about how happy they are when it is sunny outside? Yes, it rains throughout most of the year, but we don't dwell on it. We are here. We live with it. But if we talked about it whenever it rains, it would sure get old. But I am damn sure happy when the sun is out.

So before you gripe about how mad you are at Seattle fans for their recent success, jump off your own 'bandwagon'.
Trevor Gorman: Lora, I've been a bears fan since I was a child. Always have been always will be. So no bandwagon there. The reason the bandwagon hawks fans piss me off is because they're all quiet as fuck when the hawks lose unless they're making excuses and blaming officials. Then, if the hawks win, they talk more shit than anybody in the world. If the hawks have a bad season they all claim to not like football and whine about the Sonics being gone.

Lora Metcalf: But you haven't told me why you like the ducks?

Trevor Gorman Because my roommate at the time was a USC fan and I decided to be a Ducks fan to spite him. Stuck with them since.

Lora Metcalf So why didn't you pick a shitty team? or did you just admit you are a bandwagon fan?
by Seahawks Fan December 30, 2012
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Jimmy; the kid who thought the 49ers were a basketball team and who started liking the Lakers two weeks ago. WSUP DEN?
Game 1 of the 2010 NBA Playoffs according to the words of said bandwagon fan...

Game 2...
Jimmy: Ray Allen...shewt.

Game 3...

Game 4...


Game 5...

Game 6...
by thefoxsprintsatdusk June 15, 2010
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