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When a dick curves downwards instead of upwards, and makes it easy to go down ones throat while on ones knees.
Man, it sure was easy to deep throat that Big Banana Dick-it sailed right past my tonsils!!!
by Ceejmonster December 19, 2003
A penis that is curved in a similar way to that of the curve of a banana. Usually defined by a good ridge.
Oh man, Rhees pulled down his pants and showed us his banana dick!
by Fukpig April 09, 2011
A long, skinny yet very curved erect penis. Much like Pencil Dick, but really curved upwards.
"That guy in that porn flick sure had one hell of a banna dick!"
by Joe July 27, 2003
a dick that is so bent it looks deformed.
me: did you and Jeff fuck last night?
you: OMG he pulled his pants down and he had a banana i left.
by fuckoffanddie March 27, 2005
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