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1)The act of "going crazy", similar to the behavior a monkey may exhibit when trying to get a banana. The monkey may do whatever necessary to get the banana (scream, jump, kill other monkeys, etc.), and said actions may be justified because the monkey is simply "going banana crazy."

This term is frequently use in online video games, in the context that certain, noob pwning guns are "banana crazy."
Bob:Why is that kid throwing a tantrum at his own birthday party?
Fred:Oh, he wanted to lick the frosting off of the candles, but his mom said he would just eat 'em again. Now he's just going banana crazy...

Mitch: You're getting so many kills with that RPG!
Joe: I know, the RPG is totally banana crazy! It pwns noobs like they're going out of style!
by Ean Longjohn September 08, 2010
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