A girl wearing high heels that struggles to walk in them. The usual visible cue is extremely wobbly ankles. Often seen outside clubs and bars at closing time in college towns. Named after Bambi, the eponymous Disney fawn that struggles to walk as a newborn.
I think that poor bambi just sprained her ankle chasing after that guy.
by beej666 January 27, 2013
Slang for marijuana or mary jane. Peculiar to Madison, Wisconsin.
Let's get high off this sweet "bambi".
by indiePickler January 16, 2009
A hot girl who is to young to date, usually in their early teens. Hunters don't shoot deer who don't have their horns yet. Today's youth, preferring tail over white tail as a pass time, continue the tradition of not "shooting" those that are not yet mature.
While it lacked dimes while we were there, Takoma Park Middle School is now full of bambis.
by Rooster the Fourth November 08, 2006
a little baby :)
aww look its bambi!
by barbie March 11, 2004
a sweet name for one's girlfriend
I'm going out with my Bambi tonight
by alohamotto December 19, 2006
A dance move consisting of hands on one leg while popping the butt in the opposite direction and twirkin it.

Do the bambi girl!
I can break you off bambi style!
by jordizzy September 16, 2007
A mother who used to be a stripper, and their father/mother were killed by a hunter.
Her name's Mary, but we call her Bambi.
by TJKN July 27, 2008
When Someone Is Being A Total Bitch. Plain And Simple.
Dude Stop Being A Fucking Bambi, Get Your Ass Up And Talk To Her!!
by Jermaine Brown July 10, 2008

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