The sexy version of Barbara... or a silly nickname for Bam Margera. hehe...
I heartchu BamBam!
by Kitty T-sall April 15, 2004
Bam Bam is when you mix cocaine and gun powder and snort it.
I just slammed some Bam Bam.
by Chrissss.... S. May 11, 2007
Another word for a fat blunt to smoke weed. Originated from the classic flinstones cartoon, Bam Bam Carried a big piece of wood that resembles a FAT blunt
yeo last night we smoked a BAM-BAM and got mad booooted

"Yeo this blunt is a BAM-BAM"
by caseo March 19, 2007
A person who always break things where you work.
She's such a Bam Bam, she broken the copier and coffee pot all in one day.
by Jo-star September 13, 2012
1: the kid with white hair from the flintstones
2: a dj named dj bam bam
this is not a slangterm!
by AppKid November 05, 2006
I had bambam last night

Well she came over and we hung out, you know had a little bambam then she left.
by Lukey Jay March 23, 2009
A single man with a big nose and has 3legs , nice in areas with no people....
HEy its bambam what nuh huh yea huh bambam he so good he make me tingle
by Miza21 May 12, 2008
(v) To poop or defecate.

(n) Synonym for poop or human feces
Oh man Steve, my butt feels like an about to explode vacuum bag, I better go bam bam.

Yo, Stevie, check out my bam bam, I think I could clog the toitee with this bam bam.
by Cricket Thatcher July 27, 2008

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