kick ass japanese horror punk band... perfect halloween music...
person 1- I just saw balzac in concert.
idiot- haha you said balzac, you fag... duhhhrrrr i'm stupid. narf.
person 1- I meant the band you jackass.
idiot- don't talk to me fag... huhhhhrrrrrr huhhrrrrrr...
(person 1 eventually killed the idiot...)
by jimmy sunshine November 13, 2005
Top Definition
A French writer who is better known as having his name sound like "ball sac" than any of the works he wrote.
It's impossible to gain fame as an author if your name is Balzac!
by RedBlade March 22, 2009
1. Slang for ball sack, or a scrotum.

2. Horrible
1. He got kicked in the balzac.

2. I got fired today, man that's balzac!
by Joe Dirrrrrrrrt June 09, 2005
Something that sounds dirty, but is not. A French Playwright
Balzac is one of the most known French Playwrights
by Justafriend May 20, 2016
a modifying word for a hot day, playing on the phrase "Hot as balls" and the French author Honere de Balzac.
It's hot as Balzac today.
by Jo Cabo February 10, 2009
Not just the name of an author, but also used as a random exclamation of joy. Can also be used as an adjective demonstrating greatness.
You're not pregnant??? Balzac!!

Man, this ice cream is balzac!
by oedipus May 16, 2005
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