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1. Noun
A person who has so many skills, people who know them have trouble figuring out which is their favorite. Then they remember the baking skills.

2. A freezer that is consistently filled with enough booze to fuel three parties

3. Verb

Falling asleep on the landing of one's stairs.
1. That Balog pipes like a frosting pro.

2. I forgot to byob but it was ok because the balog was full.

3. I got so drunk last night I had to balog 9 steps up.
by Schirbotski January 11, 2011
A fat, classless person who picks up their new "fiance" on an internet role-playing game, such as Runescape or World of Warcraft. Can most often be identified by several unfinished tattoos, tacky blonde and black hair, and out of style facial piercings. You will often find Balogs at Walmart, as this is their favorite place to shop for useless crap once they receive their disability checks. They are absolutely unaware that they are low-class (see also, "White Trash"). There are Balogs everywhere, but Pittsburgh is a prime place to find the female of this primitive species.

A typical day for a Balog is to get out of bed and examine itself for bruises and other injuries received during the previous night's drunken blackout. He/She then runs straight to the computer to log on to Runescape, where he/she immediately tells perfect strangers how much they love them. Then, it's off to the Cash-n-Go to get a payday loan......then a WalMart trip to buy dog food for their Pit Bull or Rotweiller. Once it returns home, it goes straight back to the computer for more online-lovin'.

Balogs tend to favor sex with married men/women, as they feel desirable and sexy if they are able to lure someone away from their spouse.

Balogs tend to live either in trailers, houses that are in foreclosure, or with several generations of their family in a tiny, crappy house in Pittsburgh. The female of the species uses her ed-u-ma-kashin to wipe retarded people's butts, or become a cocktail waitress. The male tends to be a self-proclaimed mechanic, a bouncer, or a bartender. When the Balog finally succeeds in getting a "fiance" from outside the family, he/she immediately moves in with them.

Another trend for female Balogs are fake pregnancies, used to keep their married "fiance" from being with his wife. Once confronted, they claim to have had a miscarriage. Drug use is also prevalent in circles of Balogs, as is drinking alcohol to excess. There are many Balog's with DUII's, Domestic charges, and drug charges.
Check out that chick with the dirty-faced inbred looking kid, and the black and tan hair. That is a Balog for sure!
by FlyBunny007 August 30, 2009
To do nothing but sit in your apartment and play video games
Joe decided to balog instead of going to the party
by ojsbloodyglove January 02, 2007
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