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An anti-itch fungal cream that you apply to your testicles. Available at Happy harry's, Walgreens, or any ordinary drugstore.
"hey, my balls are itchy as Bree Olsons asshole, do you have some ballcream i can borrow?"
"sure, but you might have to be careful, i have crabs."
by KYR Sp33dy December 08, 2012
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An anti-itch fungal cream for your ballz.
Guy 1: DAMN! My balls are super itchy!
Guy 2: I got some Ballcream if you want some.
by ThatGuyDes December 08, 2012
An anti-itch fungal cream that you put on your balls
Son: "Hey, Did you get my stuff?"
Mom: " Yeah, here is your ballcream."
Son: "Wanna put it on for me?"
by KillaxFlame October 27, 2014
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