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The state you are in after taking but a single sip of Glacéau vitaminwater
Balla status engage..
by Gryphon09 October 20, 2007
6 14
Earned by compleating an awesome feat. Balla Status is to be awesome in qwestion.
Wow man the way you scored that chick was balla status!
by Kyle Elmo September 08, 2007
12 6
The level of ballin which can only be reached by natural born soldiers/killers/gangsters/mobsters/icemen/ and East Central recruits..
The most ballin group of indiduals in the universe set the expectations of those who apply for ballastatus
"I've killed eighteen people"
"I wish to meet the ballastatus quo"
by iceman_east_central April 02, 2009
3 0