A word that true ballers with a passion for the game use. Mostly used by teens who play at an elite level such as AAU. They usually wear alot of Nike and Adidas. especially elite socks.These players use the word to show that basketball is more then a game. Its life.
Cole "Basketball never stops."
Derek" I know Ballislife"
by Omg2muchswag November 09, 2013
Top Definition
A term used by fake ballers, whom think of themselves as the next Lebron, wear elite socks, and generally play basketball often. However it is overused often and taken out of context.
James : Yo, we balling today.
Jim : Yeah bro, ball is life.
by Ballislifeguyyy May 23, 2013
Something real niggas say when they go hard in the paint and when they te future lebrons
Tyron:" yo nigga ball it up"
Boshon:" go hard in the paint ball is life"
by swagballer June 08, 2014
(Root):A term that is used by ballers, that see themselves as the next MJ. They often wear Nike elite socks, and have basketball themed stuff all around them. They feel that basketball is more than just a game, they believe that it is life.

(Origin):American English
Matt: "C'mon man your overreacting it was just a game."
Daquan: "Basketball is more than just a game, Ball is life!"
by 10_BALL-IS-LIFE_10 February 25, 2015
A term used by kids who they think they are the shit. They may be good but they are full of themselves and want to tell everyone they are good at basketball. These kids normally have multiple pairs of shoes and multiple pairs of nike elites.
Malik: Do u want to go to the gym today?
Jay: Ya nigga, ballislife
by Mixtape is fire April 07, 2015
The term real ballers use to show there love and passion for ball. Usually wear Nike socks , sports shoes and start with the name L , (Lebron James for example) or players with colored eyes .
Tamika: let's go ball today James?
James : sure ball is life!
Axei:nah bro
by fuckboitimmy April 06, 2015
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