One who proceeds to wash the man ball in their moulth. uses much tongue and enjoys it thrurrowly
"Mike Roper i a bigtime Ballwasher."
"Yeah,i know he slobbed my nob a while ago."
"Sucks at paintball too."
by Jim T January 06, 2004
This a person who has not yet evolved on the genetic level to even pass as a human being. One who is a ballwasher is slime. Crud. The stinking steaming pile of shit on the bottom of your shoe. They would sell out their own mother if it meant they had to ballwash to gain power.
"I am going to bring in cookies to share with the office and I will bake some muffins for the boss"

"Hey Look at that ballwasher going into Darrens office again!!!"
by Dark Lord Kyuss February 23, 2004
Someone who joins them because he cant beat them
"Ball Washer"
by F-BROS August 26, 2008
Referring to some one with a big mouth and anoyes you with it.
Theres armando flaping his ball washers again.
by believe it November 05, 2007

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