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The act of sniffing one's own balls in order to get a high on your awesome man smell.
Dan uses ball sniffing as a way to escape his problems at home.

Coach: "Make no mistakes boys, ball sniffing is a dangerous path to go down."

Brendon: "Jake doesn't do drugs, unless you count ball sniffing."
Zack: "I heard he sniffs his balls before school everyday!"
by slamdunkpeices888 May 07, 2010
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A non-literal term used to describe what guys do when one of them ditches his girlfriends to hang out with a guy friend.
Guy-"Hey Brooke, where's your boyfriend tonight? Weren't you too supposed to hang out"
Girl-"Ya we were, but he ditched me for his guy friends".
Guy-"He is going ball sniffing again haha".
Girl-"Yeah, it seems that him and his friends sniff each others balls more then he hangs with me".
Guy-"You're gorgeous and really fun to hang with maybe one day you'll wake up and realize he is a complete Douche-bag and find a guy worth your time. But until then you'll end up dating a lot of ball sniffers".
by Keeper of Realness November 04, 2009

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