Going on a vacation where you don't physically have to go anywhere. You need a lot of pot, munchies, video games, and a place to crash.
Fuck school, I'm going to take a bakecation....
by bakesies September 17, 2009
Top Definition
When a group or individual neglects all responsibilities to get high for an interminable period of time.
Example 1
Tom: What happened to Jason last lecture?
Kyle: He and Ben got really high and decided to take a bake-cation for our 3-day weekend.

Example 2
Jerry: Hey Scott! I need an ounce of pot for this weekend.
Scott: I noticed you took a week off work. Bake-cation?
Jerry: For suresies! I'm going to stay home and blaze all day.
by wordsies September 17, 2009
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