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Baileys' law states that:

Science = Magic

This law was first discovered on 8th of February 2010 by James Bailey in Westwood college, leek, england.

Mr Bailey is a fine student who's a fantastic chemist, biologist and physicist. He is also an English Language extraordinaire.
He first discovered the theory of magic in a chemistry class and realising that magic can explain everything, including the creation of the universe. He explained it to some teachers and fellow student who saw him as being retarded. But after many, many minutes proved his discovery by answering a question with 'magic', proving that magic was a possible answer.
Mrs Blake: 'What is the answer to this equation then james?'
James: 'Magic'
Mrs Blake: 'excuse me?'
James: 'it is. Baileys' law says so'
by Baileys' Law February 08, 2010
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