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Another spelling for "Balls"
Commonly used when angry, pissed, or when there's nothing else to say
1.) *Silence*
Dan: "BAHLZ"

2.) Dan: "BAHLZ"
Kristen: "What?"
Dan: "My computer keep crashing -_-"
Kristen: "Ahh"
by MEWMEWMEW August 23, 2008

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Another spelling for balls, Used when pissed, shocked, upset, confused, or happy
1.) Dan: BAHLZ
Kristen: what?
Dan: My computer keeps fucking up -_-

2.) Kristen: OH MY GOD
Dan: Bahlz?
Kristen: This is so Ghey -_-

3.) Dan: BAHLZ!!
Kristen: What?
Dan: I just got a new iPod
by RarMewRar August 25, 2008