An expression made after achieveing a goal such as making a shot in hoopty-ball, powning some n00bs in halo, or any other thing you have achieved and you think everyone in the room should know about.
1.Dude did you see that Headshot?! Badunk baby!!
2. Yo J-balla check this trey ball, Badunk my nigga!
by Zach Ertel January 27, 2008
Top Definition
1. The sound a large piece of feces makes when it hits the water in a toilet bowl.
2. A large lump of feces.
Person 1: Why were you in the bathroom so long?
Person 2: I just badunked.

by Scott Fincher October 05, 2005
any one's butt normly focest tourds a female
look at that ladys badunk
by kae May 07, 2005
to injure oneself or someone else
can also be used as a way of describing a drunken feeling
I badunked myself on the counter
I am really f***ing badunkacrunkled right now, but give me another shot
by yo yo March 22, 2004
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